ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A young Albuquerque woman is facing charges for a sexually explicit video she allegedly recorded of a 13-year-old girl, then shared on social media. A fellow student saw the video being shared and alerted the right people.

According to an arrest warrant, in November, the inappropriate video was being shared on Snapchat amongst students at Ernie Pyle Middle School. Investigators say it’s clear someone else was recording the 13-year-old former student while she was engaged in a sexual act with a man.

Albuquerque Public Schools told KRQE News 13, one student reported it to the administration and Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office was brought in. Detectives say now 19-year-old Yarelis Cespedes, who is described by witnesses as the victim’s “ex-best friend,” was the one behind the camera that night.

When detectives interviewed the victim, the 13-year-old told police she and Cespedes had gone to the 18 and up downtown club commonly known as Lotus, which is now called Tantra.

She told police, she and Cespedes met up with three guys, who gave them alcohol and cocaine. The victim said she “blacked out” and that’s when detectives say Cespedes recorded her and a man in the back seat of an SUV.

Cespedes then allegedly sent the video to several Snapchat accounts saying things like, “That b**** is like 12,” and, “Babe we can get in so much trouble for this lol.” Police say, she even told a different Ernie Pyle student to “expose her lil friend.”

Police say that student did show the video to other students at Ernie Pyle.

After an eight-month investigation, Cespedes is now facing both manufacturing and distributing child pornography charges. There is a warrant out for her arrest.

As for the man seen in the video with the 13-year-old, he appears to be cooperating with the investigation. When detectives brought him in for questioning, he said the night it happened, both girls told him that they were 19.

Detectives say when they told the man the girl’s real age, he became emotional and again denied having any knowledge of her age. The man is currently not facing any charges.

Albuquerque Public Schools says the student who shared the video at Ernie Pyle was disciplined but did not say how.