ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A dog that helped change New Mexico law is now helping New Mexico pet owners with their vet bills. His name is Cubby and if dogs could talk, he would have quite the story. The heeler-corgi had his two back legs amputated in 2015. His story helped push for a ban on traps on public land, a law passed by the legislature this year.

He’s now living a peaceful life with Dr. Laura Hady. She shares, “We got him a stroller, and he absolutely loves it. Here, he can just walk on his two front two legs, he can go out on the grass. He has carpet, he has a ramp.”

Dr. Hady has been a veterinarian for 26 years and for the last 17, she’s been doing physical rehabilitation with animals. But, many dog owners in New Mexico can’t afford pricey surgeries and rehab for their pets.

In 2005, Dr. Hady created The Oscar Foundation, which provides financial assistance to cover those bills. “We decided to make it a true 501-c3 nonprofit because we were seeing dogs in New Mexico that needed medical care and their owners couldn’t afford it,” said Dr. Hady.

She says Cubby inspired her to write a series of kids’ books with part of the book’s sales going to The Oscar Foundation. “At the end of each book, it tells about their medical conditions. So like Cub, it’s the problems with raising dogs that are rescue and special needs.”

The vet shares why she’s dedicated her life to these rescue animals. “I love animals, they’re an important part of my life,” she explains. “I say they never look back, they don’t look in the mirror and feel sorry for themselves. They get up each day, they motivate me, they inspire me to get up and do what I need to do.”

The books are available on Amazon. More information on The Oscar Foundation is available online.