ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s not just a children’s book now. One southeast Albuquerque neighborhood has its own version of “Where the Sidewalk Ends”. The backyard fence of a home has been extended so far, it’s completely covering the sidewalk.

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“There’s a small wooden post fence that’s around that area,” said Rick De Reyes with the City of Albuquerque’s Planning and Zoning Department. “It’s been there for quite some time.”

Recently, neighbors are taking to the city for help, complaining the home’s fence — off Carlisle Place and Hermosa — extends all the way to the street, blocking the sidewalk to the north and south of the backyard. The catch, the fence has been there for years now.

“In all that whole time, the couple that owned this home, no one had ever complained, apparently,” said De Reyes. “I guess somebody moved into the neighborhood and noticed and called the city.”

As for how long it’s been there, no one seems to know, including the city. Google Maps show the current fence line was there in 2014. However, in 2011 and 2007, there was just a cement wall, still blocking the sidewalk. One neighbor commented on the 311 complaint, saying they’ve seen it since they moved to the neighborhood back in 1998. Now, the city is stepping in to help clear up the situation and sidewalk.

“Code Enforcement went to take a look at it,” said De Reyes. “It turns out the couple that owns this home is very elderly and they’re on a fixed income, but they do want to rectify the situation.”

City workers say they want to find a solution, rather than create more problems for the older couple. The city says they’re going to help make the changes and bring the area of the neighborhood up to ADA compliance.

“They’ve agreed to work with the city, is that Municipal Development has agreed to rebuild the sidewalk,” said De Reyes. “Code Enforcement went out there and took a look at it and is indeed over into the sidewalk area. But, one of the things they noticed is there’s no sidewalk there where the sidewalk should be. There’s some things being done to remedy the situation and there’s some extenuating circumstances.”

The city says a tree also has to come out to move the bizarre fenceline back but will work with the homeowners to get it fixed soon. KRQE News 13 tried reaching out to the homeowners to see how long the fence has been there but did not get an answer. The city says the fence and sidewalk should be fixed within the next couple of months.