ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Best restaurants, cheapest gas – just a few of the billions of queries put into Google daily. But what was Burqueños Googling the most this past year? The search engine’s Local Year in Search 2022 page reveals the trends.

April 1, 2022, was the beginning of the legal sale of recreational cannabis in the state, and the location of nearby dispensaries became the hottest Albuquerque search for the year. Google says the Albuquerque area searched for “dispensary open near me” more than anywhere else in the United States.

Barbecue near me also made the top 10 trending topics. According to Google, the Albuquerque area was one of only two places in the U.S. with barbecue as a top trending “near me” search. The Duke City is in a small barbecue-loving group with Rochester, NY.

Albuquerque’s top trending animal search was for the great-eared nightjar, a bird found in southwest India and parts of Southeast Asia. Albuquerque was also the only place in the country with Italian wedding soup as its top trending recipe. And rap reigned supreme as far as music genre searches go for the city.

Albuquerque’s Top 10 trending ‘near me’ searches for 2022:

  1. dispensary open near me
  2. concerts near me
  3. barbecue near me
  4. gas prices near me
  5. fingerprinting near me
  6. cheap gas near me
  7. junkyard near me
  8. dumplings near me
  9. public library near me
  10. plasma donation near me