ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – March 20 marks ‘Alien Abduction Day.’ No place has a better claim to UFOs and aliens than New Mexico. Raffi Andonian, Historian discussed the history of when people first saw any alien activity.

In 1639 America’s first record abduction was in Massachusett Bay Colony. John Winthrop the governor’s leader of the colony at that time experienced an encounter along with three other men. According to the tale, the group was going on a row boat on the river and saw a big flash that turned into a shaped figure of a pig. In Winthrops’ diary, Winthrop wrote that this was coming from a discreet and sober credible source.

Over the years photos, visuals, and even tales of abduction have changed over time. The advancements in technology and even media interest has sparked more sightings and tale of alien abductions.