ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A Walgreens spokesperson confirmed with News 13 that their location at Central and San Mateo will be closing next month, leaving shoppers in the area with even more limited options. It’s been five months since neighborhoods near the area lost a key retailer after Walmart closed its store there.

Albuquerque’s Police Chief has called out Walgreens for crime in and around their stores. But Walgreens officials didn’t mention crime as a factor in their decision to close. Instead, saying the number of stores already operating, what the local market looks like, and customers changing their buying habits were all key reasons.

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However, community members say it will be a big loss. “I think it’s really important that we realize this is going to impact community health in ways we’ve not totally foreseen,” said Enrique Cardiel, executive director for the Health Equity Council.

Shoppers who rely on the store to get their medication will soon need to go to another Walgreens. The company says that customer’s prescriptions will automatically transfer to the nearest store, which would be the Walgreens at Central and Girard, a couple of miles away.

“There’s some folks who they walk there, or they have to take the bus and that’s really going to be tough to lose,” Cardiel added. “For some folks this is the second pharmacy they lost this year.”

The Central and San Mateo Walgreens will close on Nov. 7.