ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It was a devastating crash for an Albuquerque family. A mother was hit and killed on her way to work by a suspected drunk driver. In police video, the driver did not show much concern for what she had just allegedly done.

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Just moments after Jennifer Munoz is accused of hitting and killing an Albuquerque mother of four, the first thing the 26-year-old asked officers in police video was for a cigarette. “What was that ma’am?” the officer responded. “Can I just smoke a cigarette?” Munoz responded.

That was after police said Munoz was going 89 mph in a 35 mph zone on Unser and Tower, ran a red light and struck Janelle Katesigwa who was driving to work at a local McDonald’s back on an early May morning. “I would not do that right now,” the officer told Munoz. “Please,” Munoz asked.

Meanwhile, Munoz’s passenger, Christina Banks, was screaming in pain. “Let them try to help your friend,” the officer said.

Police said Munoz reeked of alcohol. On the scene, she admitted to drinking a couple of shots. Witnesses said Munoz tried to take off on foot before police arrived. “She was trying to like get out of the vehicle,” a witness said. “Like she said, ‘I just live down the street.'”

Munoz’s mother arrived on the scene and was crying. Munoz’s sister arrives later and asks the police a couple of times to get a car seat out of the car. “Since the tow truck is already here, I was just wondering if I can just pick up a car seat from her car,” the sister said. “Because of everything that is going on, what they are doing is they have to get a warrant for both cars,” the officer responded.

Once the police get that warrant, they said they found a bottle and flask of tequila, beer and a jar with capsules of THC. “They have kids…” police said in the video. “This is just awful… This is terrible.”

Police tried to question Munoz again at the hospital, but she doesn’t give them much. “Are you able to tell me how much did you have to drink?” the officer asked. Munoz did not verbally respond.

Her blood was taken about five hours after the crash. The alcohol level was still almost double the legal limit.

Munoz was charged with vehicular homicide and will stay behind bars until trial. Online record shows she has had three speeding tickets in the past. She faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.