ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  A typical school pickup turned violent at an Albuquerque elementary school recently. It happened at Susie Rayos Marmon Elementary School after what police call a ‘parking situation.’ The incident was all caught on camera.

A video from two weeks ago shows a grey car entering the school parking lot through the exit-way, cutting off a white car. KRQE spoke with the driver of that grey car, who asked not to be identified. She said the driver of the white car came up to her window.

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“He hit my window. I put my window down, and then he told me, you almost crashed my car, do you know that” she said. It quickly escalated. She said he started cussing at her.

“He says yeah, you almost crashed my car b***h. And, you’re a son of a b***h…and I told him like, sir, please calm down,” she said. “Don’t call me a b***h because I’m not your b***h. He says oh, you want my b***h, and I say no, sir, calm down.”

A woman with that driver comes up to the window of the woman we spoke with. She said she opened her door to try and run.

“And I opened my door, she pushed me inside my car, and then she just started hitting me inside of my car,” she said. The mom said she fought back.

Things escalated the next day again and the police got involved. The woman we spoke with said her husband came to pick up the next day and heard the same driver of the white car talking about her.

“He told him, you know what? She’s my wife. Don’t talk that about her anymore, and don’t touch her anymore,” the mom told KRQE. According to a criminal complaint, racial slurs were used, and the driver of the white car may have claimed to have a gun on him.

“I feel very bad because I don’t think that is correct…because they think they can just go everywhere to yell at people and then verbal and then physical,” she said.

The mom said after the first altercation, the school told them to pick up their kids on different sides of campus. The mom said she is in the process of changing schools for her daughter. She wishes more was done and is considering charges.

“I think that is not justice…because…I was just trying to pick up my daughter from the school. Like I say, I’m not a problematic person,” she said. KRQE tried to reach out to the other parents involved but was unable to contact them.

Both fathers involved in the incidents are facing charges, including disorderly conduct and interfering with members of the general public. APS said this behavior is ‘unacceptable’ and told KRQE all four parents are banned from the elementary school campus.