ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Newly released video shows the aftermath of a violent crash caused by a New Mexico senator behind the wheel. When police saw the destruction, they said it was a miracle no one was severely hurt.

Officers tried to piece together how a Chevy SUV ended up flipped over in the middle of the street with a trail of destruction in its wake. The man behind the wheel–Albuquerque attorney and state senator Jacob Candelaria.

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Witnesses coming out of the Little Anita’s at Mountain and Rio Grande Friday night said they heard the car coming before it flew through the intersection. “We heard the acceleration, then we looked, and we saw we were on a red, and we all said, ‘Man, he ran a red, he ran that red,’ and he was just, pedal to the floor,” one witness told officers.

The SUV hit the curb before plowing into three cars outside a home on Mountain, then flipped upside down. Bystanders rushed to pull Candelaria from the wreckage. “It’s amazing that guy has no serious injuries,” an officer said.

Candelaria told officers he had not been drinking or doing drugs, and during his interactions with police, he showed no signs of being impaired, just badly shaken from his terrifying ordeal. Candelaria is not facing any charges related to the crash.