ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) — Earlier this month, an Amber Alert was issued for a five-year-old girl. KRQE News 13 has obtained bus footage of someone finding the missing child.

The girl was discovered more than 13 hours after she was last seen at a bus stop on Central. Police boarded a stopped bus at a stop near Central and Girard.

The video shows the moments they found her and how a good Samaritan helped end the search.

In bus security video from the morning of December 6, passengers’ phones go off as they ride on Central, alerting them to five-year-old Oreyana Clinton’s disappearance.

Moments after getting on the bus, a man in a red baseball cap approached the driver with his concerns, “Hey ma’am quick question. I just got an alert about a little girl.”

He looked down the bus aisle, repeating his concern, and saying there was a little girl on the bus. After trying to pull the alert up on his phone to show the driver, the man in the red cap asked the other passengers, “Did you get that alert? Can I see it?”

The bus driver continues along her route while everyone tries to figure out the situation.

“Where is she at? In Albuquerque?”

“What is the ethnicity of the little girl?”

“I don’t know. That’s all it says, a five-year-old girl.”

On the video, it appears the bus driver calls in the sighting. However, she then told the bystander, “Well, it doesn’t sound like they’re going to call the authorities, so, I don’t know. Maybe somebody else should.”

The man in the red cap then went to the back of the bus to talk to a woman sitting next to the girl. A couple of minutes later, he gets off near Central and San Mateo. For the next six minutes or so, the bus driver can be seen on and off the phone, and before eventually pulling over at Central and Girard.

“The lady that she’s with is, like, nodding off,” the bus driver can be heard saying. Within the next three minutes, the police arrived and boarded the bus.

“Hey, is there a five-year-old on here,” an officer asks, “How you doing? What’s your name? You’re who we’re looking for! Come on with me baby; come here.”

It took around 20 minutes between the time the Amber Alert went out and the time police boarded the bus and found Oreyana. What’s still unclear is where the girl was for the more than 13 hours she was missing or if she even knew the woman she was found with.

Before all of this, the girl was last seen with her father, Nicholas Clinton, at a bus stop the day before the Amber Alert. He then showed up at a shelter later that night, supposedly drunk, without her.

According to APD, ‘investigators are working closely with the DA’s office on possible charges being filed against the father in this case.’

Children, Youth, and Families Department will not say who the girl is living with now, but a spokesperson said that she is ‘safe.’

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APD is asking for the man in the red baseball cap to contact them, so they can get more information on this case.