ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Lily Romero was the first person accused of driving drunk on an electric scooter in Albuquerque, and police lapel video shows once she was being investigated for DWI, her demeanor changed.

“Get a real job you f****** d*** head,” those are the words Romero yelled at officers from the back of a cop car, and she didn’t stop there.

Two weeks ago, an Albuquerque police officer stopped the 27-year-old near Lomas and Second Street. According to the criminal complaint, he caught her going the wrong way down Second Street while driving an e-scooter.

Romero told the officer she was coming from Marble Brewery where she had two beers. She said she was with a group of friends, who left her behind, and that they were headed to another bar on Central Avenue.

The officer wrote in his complaint that he could smell the booze and tried to explain to Romero the reason he pulled her over. “In certain situations, pertaining to, let’s say DWI, this does constitute as a vehicle. A motor vehicle under state statute,” the officer said.

Nevertheless, it seemed Romero had a tough time understanding why she was being investigated for DWI. Lapel video shows Romero couldn’t follow directions during field sobriety tests.

Then, once she learned she was being arrested, she became angry, and so did her friends. “Wow! You are such a douche bag,” one woman told the officer.

Even after she was in handcuffs, Romero continued to mock the officer’s decision to arrest her. “Okay, I went down the wrong way. Take me to jail,” she said.

Meanwhile, the officer assured her that’s exactly where she was going. “That’s where we’re going it sounds like,” he said.

According to court records, Romero blew a .20. This is her first DWI charge in New Mexico.