ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Newly released video shows the confusing scene after an Uber driver gunned down a passenger on the side of I-25. The driver was just recently charged with murder for the Saint Patrick’s Day shooting.

Officer: “Did you see anybody fire the gun?”
Clayton Benedict: “I am the one who discharged the firearm.”

In the back of a police cruiser, Uber driver Clayton Benedict admits he fired the shot that killed his passenger James Porter on Saint Patrick’s Day on the shoulder of I-25 near Montano.

Officer: “Which way was the firearm discharged?”
Clayton: “It was discharged through the driver’s side window.”

Police say Benedict pulled over and told Porter to get out after his friend vomited in the car and refused to pay a clean-up charge. Benedict says he was standing in front of the car when Porter tried to hop in the driver’s seat, so he shot him.

Witnesses told police what they heard.

Officer: “How many times do you believe the gentleman was shot?”
Caller: “I believe it was three times. I believe it was, ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!'”

Police arrived at the scene—guns drawn—not knowing if there was still a threat or if it was a road rage incident.

Officer 1: “There’s got to be another car.”
Officer 2: “Yeah.”

Officers found the body, then finally put Benedict in cuffs.

Almost eight hours later:

Clayton: “Thank you very much.”
Officer: “You’re welcome.”

That some officer gave Benedict a ride home—the suspect still in the white jumpsuit he had to wear while being questioned at the police station.

Most of the police interview with Benedict at the scene was muted by APD. KRQE News 13 asked the records department why, but have not heard back.

Benedict is charged with second-degree murder.

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