ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – We’re learning more about why an Albuquerque bus driver drove directly into a concrete wall under I-25, sending some of his passengers to the hospital. Passengers could see the crash coming and even tried to stop it.

In April, ABQ Ride bus driver Monty Gresham was heading down the frontage road from Mountain Road. He scraped a wall as he turned from Mountain onto the frontage road.

For the next block, the passengers already knew something was wrong before he headed toward a concrete wall while he was turning left onto Lomas under I-25. Bus security video shows him turning the wheel to make the left turn just not hard enough.

He was going about twenty-eight miles per hour when he slammed into the wall. Even though they know it’s coming, the seven passengers on the bus get a big jolt from the crash with some of them sent flying. 

One passenger starts to help people off the bus and checks on the bus driver. He tells him to turn off the vehicle. The man can be heard saying, “Come on, sit down man, ’cause you got issues right here. I don’t need you behind the wheel man.”

Investigators didn’t establish a cause for the crash but the APD crash report says the 63-year-old driver was sick on over-the-counter medication and had a fever of almost 103 degrees.

According to the crash report, Gresham’s license expired in 2019. KRQE reached out to ABQ Ride about that and to find out if he broke any rules by driving while on medication or while really sick. The city says the crash was found unpreventable due to a medical episode – and they would not comment on his driver’s license.