ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque man created his own nightmare situation at a pumpkin patch enjoyed by thousands of families in the fall. He’s accused of harassing actors in the corn maze and then having a meltdown as he was taken down in front of horrified families.

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In mid-October, three of four friends agreed to leave McCall’s Pumpkin Patch in peace following reports that one in their group was harassing and even head-butting actors in the corn maze. “He got in my face. I could smell alcohol on his breath and then he started doing like whoa… whoa… being belligerent… and then tapped me then walked away,” said one actor in lapel video.

Jordan Allen, 26, is accused of causing the scene and is seen in lapel video questioning Torrance County deputies while being escorted out.

Deputy: “There’s no reason to be talking to actors like that, dude.”
Allen: “I was just f****** around.”
Deputy: “Okay, well, you’re leaving now.”

Allen refuses, saying they bought tickets and the situation quickly escalates in front of on-looking families.

Friend: “Jordan! Stop!”
Deputy: “I’m asking you nicely. If I have to put my hands on you, you’re gonna go to jail.”
Allen: “For what reason?”
Deputy: “If I have to put my hands on you, you’re going to go to jail. Stop reaching.”

After Allen reached into his pocket, deputies try to get his hands behind his back but they say he kept resisting. His friends, and girlfriend, pled with Allen to stop fighting officers. Deputies say Allen was clearly drunk when he spit in one deputy’s face and repeatedly asked for their badge numbers.

Deputy: “I am Lieutenant Stolkum. It will all be in the report. We don’t go by badge numbers out here.”
Allen: “What’s your badge number?”
Deputy: “I don’t have a badge.”
Allen: “I am a taxpaying citizen… I deserve to know.”
Deputy: “Okay, here you go, Mr. Taxpaying Citizen, here’s my badge. Let’s look at there. Huh, no number.”

Once in handcuffs, Allens’ friend apologizes for his behavior but Allen keeps it up all the way to jail.

Allen: “I did nothing wrong.”
Jail Employee: “Okay, well, neither did Charles Manson.”

Drinking at McCall’s Pumpkin Patch is not allowed. Allen is charged with disorderly conduct along with three counts each of battery on a peace officer and resisting arrest. He is currently awaiting trial.