ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New helicopter video shows an armed car thief on the run, hiding out in the University of New Mexico’s Law School and then acting as if he belonged there. Earlier this year, 21-year-old Matthew Martinez led police on a long chase through Albuquerque.

Police officers noticed a stolen Hyundai Sonata near the New Mexico Fairgrounds. It was later identified that Martinez was driving the car. Martinez led police on a chase, running stop signs, running red lights, driving on sidewalks, and taking out a street sign. Air support was requested, and the Albuquerque Police Department’s helicopter (Metro 1) also started tracking Martinez.

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According to a criminal complaint, Metro 1 tracked the Hyundai Sonata going westbound on Central Ave. Then it made a northbound turn on Washington Street. Then Martinez made an eastbound turn on Cutler Ave., blowing through the intersection. Metro 1 also noted in the complaint that Martinez crashed into a light pole, got out of the vehicle and then started to run on Stanford Dr. in the UNM Law School parking lot. According to Metro 1, Martinez also attempted to carjack a red Toyota Prius, but the driver of that car was able to drive away.

Then the 21-year-old was spotted running through the law school, where he broke a window to get inside. Officers eventually arrested Martinez in the building.

Martinez claimed he was at the law school on official business. However, after they pat him down, police found a stolen nine-millimeter gun.

Officer: “I’m going to pat you down for anything else.”
Officer: “Do you have any knives, needles, anything like that on you?”
Martinez: “Honestly, bro, there’s a gun.”
Officer: “Where’s the gun?”
Martinez: “Inside my leg.”
Martinez: “Right there. It’s loaded, so be careful.”

Martinez was facing six years for the stolen car, stolen gun, the chase, and breaking and entering. He ended up getting a year in jail. He struck a plea deal in May and received a year in jail even though he was popped for car theft again after the arrest in the video above. He is now out because of credit for good time.