ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Another case of gun violence in Albuquerque as dramatic video shows a dangerous shootout in southeast Albuquerque on Saturday at the Somerset Park Apartment Complex near San Mateo and Gibson. The shooting lasts 30 seconds with more than a dozen shots ringing out.

Orlando Rodriguez was one man who was home when the shooting broke out.

“Me and my son were watching TV, and we heard him what we thought were fireworks,” said Rodriguez.

The shooting took place shortly after 1:30 p.m., a silver Audi drove up behind the complex where a blue car was parked.

“Then it got louder as we heard it and I, I actually told my son to hit the ground, you know, because it was right close by then knew it was real, real,” said Rodriguez.

In the video, two men get out and start shooting at a parked blue car. The silver car takes off. The people in the blue car start shooting back, hitting one of the men. Police reported his name is Wendolyn Asbury.

During the shootout, a security guard tries to rush out and see what’s going on, a bullet flies right above his head.

“I’m just grateful that my grandson wasn’t there, you know, in the house at the time, but it was just close by. It happened right outside the door,” Rodriguez said.

After the smoke had settled, Asbury is seen on the ground cursing and calling out for help. The silver car comes back and picks him up.

Police said they spotted the car later, driving erratically. When they pulled over the driver, they found Asbury bleeding in the backseat. He was taken to the hospital. Inside the blue car, a juvenile was hit in the shootout, and he was also taken to the hospital.

Rodriguez said, after the shooting, some of his neighbors immediately packed their things and moved out.

“It’s never happened in this complex, but we hear gunshots all the time. You know, it’s sad that it’s, it’s regular around here, you know, but you just can’t be scared. You have to just, you know, [it’s] sad that you can’t even be safe in your own home.”

Police have charged Asbury with aggravated battery, shooting at a car, and brandishing a firearm. They claimed he was on their radar and had a warrant out from just the week prior.