ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A video of a child acting up is spreading like wildfire on social media with people calling out the boy’s family asking how he could behave like this at such a young age.

The woman who recorded the video, who has asked to remain anonymous, says a boy around the age of ten made extremely inappropriate comments to her and her granddaughter. In the video, the boy can be seen walking toward the woman and she says, “What, are you gonna come up to me and hit me?”

You can then see the boy try and grab the woman’s phone, and she then says, “You don’t try to take my phone from me.” The boy replied saying he didn’t care, and the grandmother told him to get away from her. She says on Tuesday while at the duck pond with her granddaughter and her friend, that boy walked by and called them “corona.”

When the grandmother asked him not to say that to the girls, she says he turned around and asked if they wanted to engage in intercourse. She says he then flipped them off, so she asked him to leave them alone, and when he came towards her, she says that’s when she turned her phone on, just in case it got worse. After the boy failed to get her phone he kicked the girl’s toys into the pond. The grandmother says a million questions began running through her mind.

“Why is he so aggressive? Why is he saying racial slurs to little kids like that? How brave he is to come up on adults. It’s like I think there’s no discipline at home. I think he rules his house. But I wasn’t going to get up and hit him, hurt him or anything. He’s the child, I was the adult,” the woman said in a phone interview.

The video has been viewed close to 90,000 times and people in the comments have been calling out the boy’s parents. Many asked where were they? And saying they should be ashamed.

Another person said, he shows what he’s being taught at home. The grandmother said someone intervened and found the boy’s grandparents. Someone did call UNM Police on the boy but the family was gone by the time they showed up.