ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – People in a Downtown Albuquerque neighborhood are raising concerns after dogs have been caught on surveillance video attacking cats. Amy is a resident of the neighborhood near I-25 and Coal and said the first incident happened in March when a beloved feral cat named Big Daddy was found dead.

Since then, the dogs have been caught on camera causing even more carnage. “They’ve killed three more cats since then, including one yesterday and another one last week,” said Amy.

In November, another neighbor, Brenda Elwood, filed a 311 report after she discovered another feral cat dead on her property. Elwood believes the cat, named Dextrina, was attacked by the same dogs since they had been roaming around her block on the day of the attack.

“They came in and they pulled her out of her bed and killed her and she was partly blind and deaf,” said Elwood. She’s worried that these attacks may continue if nothing is done.

“I just worry that they could go after kids. I’ve seen them go after a dog; walking down the street with a man and they chased the dog,” said Elwood.

Neighbors say they don’t know who owns the dogs or where they live. Amy is calling on the community to keep an eye out.

“We’re just begging the community, ‘please help us find these dogs.’ They are a tremendous danger to our neighborhood,” said Amy.

News 13 reached out to Animal Welfare and said if the dogs are captured or an owner is located, they will be held accountable. The owners face a loose leash charge and are required to appear in Metro Court.