ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s a popular park with busy softball fields, but it’s unpopular with neighbors, who live just beyond an outfield fence. Now, Tom Tenorio Park in the South Valley is getting a big makeover.

The county says the upgrades will accommodate bigger tournaments and keep home runs out of nearby homes. “We’re going to be actually moving this field and making it a regulation-sized softball field and putting it down below with the other 2 softball fields and then we are creating a whole flat grass area for soccer and other sports like that,” says John Barney, Planning Manager Bernalillo County Parks and Rec.

Neighbors in the area have complained about the fields for years, saying they are concerned for their safety and damage to their property. “We are about the quality of life and there will definitely improve their quality of life there won’t be balls flying from an outfield it will be flat grass soccer primarily so I do t think they will have the same issues collective that we’ve had in the past,” Barney says.

Moving the field to the lower part of the park and putting a soccer field in its place is just phase one. The county says the next phase will include more landscaping, a new parking lot, and an improved irrigation system.

There are also plans to build an artificial turf field at the park bringing the total number of softball fields at the park to four. The county says they want the park to become a full tournament complex.

They say construction on phase one should start by the end of August and be done by March 2022. The county says phase one will cost $3.2 million. The cost of revamping the entire complex will cost $8 to $9 million.