ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – UNM’s beloved duck pond is having a major cleaning session this Spring Break. The pond is a popular destination for students and locals in Albuquerque as well as home to ducks and other wildlife.

The duck pond and the surrounding grassy areas have been closed off since Monday as officials take advantage of school being out of session for the week to do the routine cleaning.

Before cleaning began, crews made sure the fish and turtles were safely removed. After that, UNM’s Facilities Management drained the pond, and they’ve been working to remove debris from the bottom. Once that part is complete, they’ll fill the pond with fresh water and bring back the fish and turtles.

Throughout the years, the pond at the center of the main campus has served as a destination for students to study, eat lunch, and hang out. That’s the case with UNM student Charlotte Gates.

“I’ll study here probably once or twice throughout the week. I also just come and sit. Enjoy the nature. There’s good energy around the duck pond,” said Gates. “It’s a pretty central spot we actually went here for one of my classes and talked about the history. I think it’s kinda fun.”

Students and the public will be able to enjoy the pond once again next week when classes are back in session.

The duck pond was filled for the first time in February 1976. At first, it was filled with trout and other fish, then the ducks were introduced in the 80s.