UNM grads celebrating the success of their new business

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - Three college buddies turned businessmen are celebrating the success of their sweet and savory shop in Uptown.

"At first I think people thought it was kind of nuts," said Nick Chavez, a part owner of Crepeology.

Chavez, Jeff Rieder and Javier Manriquez became friends a long time ago, and one night after a few beers, they came up with the idea to open a crepe filled food truck. It didn't take long for the idea to take off.

"People were just asking repeatedly where's your restaurant? Do you have a brick and mortar," said Reider. 

They say on a specially busy night at the State Fair is when they realized it was finally time to pull the trigger.

"It was like 10 {people} in a row or something and we were finally looked at each other and were like, okay, let's look into this," said Reider. 

Their brick and mortar store in Uptown officially opened in June of this year.

"It's been picking up a lot. We expected to start off slower," said Chavez.

Chavez says they like seeing new customers and love seeing repeat customers come back in.

"Every Time they come in we ask them, 'Hey, welcome in, is this your first time visiting?' We used to get a lot of 'yeah!'. But now, we get a lot of 'No, I've been here, I know the drill," said Chavez.

Opening this kind of business wasn't something any of these college grads ever expected to do, neither of them went to school for anything like it.

"I was a marketing major. {Reider} was mechanical engineering and then {Manriquez} was bio and Spanish," said Chavez.

But now, the friends are enjoying their success and look forward to seeing how sweet this unexpected success can really be.

"We like to keep it very laid back. We talk to guests and customers like they're our friends," said Chavez.

For the next few Tuesdays, Crepeology is having study nights from 5 p.m.-9 p.m. There will be free coffee.

In the new year, the owners are planning to grow their dessert menu and maybe even open up another location.


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