ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – After visiting all campuses across the state, University of New Mexico planners have big plans for the university’s future. The University of New Mexico had its Integrated Campus Plan open house this week. After learning what’s important to those on campus, the university will use the input to set plans for the next 20 years.

“We have 3 different stations and getting a lot of good ideas about what people really feel our priorities should be moving forward,” said University Planner, Rosemary Dudley.

According to Dudley, in November they sent out a survey to all UNM campuses across the state. 572 staff, faculty, and students responded to the survey. Dudley added that many felt passionate about making sure outside areas are maintained.

This week, those on the main campus were able to attend in-person seminars to state their concerns. “It’s really important that we have everyone’s voices integrated into the feedback so we can make sure we’re responding to the needs of UNM and everyone,” said Dudley.

The plans are focused on renovation, building new facilities, investing in the landscape, and better transportation across campus. “Like every student who comes to UNM, we pay tuition and fees to come onto this campus. I feel like when we are planning for the future, we should have our opinions heard of what we want campus to look like,” said UNM student, Krystah Pacheco.

Students’ concerns included better safety, parking, and more crosswalks. UNM planners say after wrapping up their presentations this week, they will start setting their recommendations to seek the funding needed at the state level.