ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Three New Mexico police officers, who were all caught on video behaving badly, were discussed in Wednesday’s Law Enforcement Academy hearing to see if they’ll ever be police officers again.

You may remember the names Adalida Lopez-Esquibel and Gabriel Waters. In April 2021, the two then Bernalillo Police Officers, along with a third, Anthony Jaramillo, were under investigation for a use-of-force incident while trying to make an arrest.

After being aggressive toward officers, the suspect is cuffed and shackled. Lopez-Esquibel is seen on lapel camera hitting the suspect in the face multiple times while he is cuffed and shackled.

Waters wrote in his report that the suspect reached toward his face and throat and that he responded by hitting the man five times with his forearm.

Two years before that incident, Lopez-Esquibel was fired from Rio Rancho Police when she lied to a supervisor about punching the passenger side window of her unit during a domestic dispute with her then-boyfriend. She eventually came clean.

Her license was temporarily suspended, then she was hired by Bernalillo Police.

On Wednesday, LEA leadership accepted Lopez-Esquibel’s voluntary relinquishment of her certification. The board then voted to revoke Water’s certification, meaning both can never be law enforcement officers in the state again.

On Wednesday, the LEA board also suspended the license of former APD officer, Fouad Cherair.

In February 2021, Cherair gave Rio Rancho police a hard time after crashing his car into a curb on the west side. After a closed session, the state suspended his law enforcement certification for three years. Once the three years is up, his certification is active again and he can apply for any department in the state.