ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There are a couple of new buildings going up at the Winrock Town Center, and one of them will have a food hall. With new changes comes a new timeline for the sprawling development.

That food hall will be on the plot of land behind Petsmart, just across the street from the park, which they believe will tie the project together. More changes are coming to the massive project under construction at the Winrock Town Center in Uptown.

The developer, Goodman Realty, announced two new buildings. First, the Portland building, a three-story office space. “We would love to see a corporate headquarters decide to come to Albuquerque,” said Darin Sand of the realty group. Next, a second office building with a food hall on the bottom floor. Sand says, “Can you imagine coming to work and going right down the elevator to this food hall with twenty-plus vendors?”

Plans right now include a deck, an outdoor beer patio, and a great view of the park and it’s water features.

“We’ve had an idea for a food hall for a few years. Bringing it to this part of the site really just ties in with everything we’re doing with the community gathering place here; it will bring a lot of energy into the core of the site,” said Sand.

Shoppers are noticing the changes every time they drive onto the property. “You come one time and you could go one way; you come next and you can’t go that way,” said Jaida Wilson, Winrock shopper.

That construction won’t clear up for the next few years. “I mean, the entire project, six to eight years for everything,” said Sand. They are expecting to begin construction on the Portland building in May, which should wrap up around this time next year. There is no start date for the construction of the food hall project just yet.

The park should be done by September. They hope to have the first of the two hotels done by Balloon Fiesta time.