NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputies were led on an foot chase last month following a call of a suspicious vehicle, and the two men arrested in that incident are on the run once again.

Bernalillo county sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the south valley back in October after receiving a report of a suspicious vehicle. The caller told BCSO they witnessed people allegedly stripping a van for parts. BCSO immediately recognized the address on Felicitas road and knew those who stayed there are known to run.

Deputies split up along the road and ditch bank before approaching the house. When they did, two men appeared.

One, later identified as Enrique Torres, surrendered immediately, the other man, took off.

The second man, Anthony Perea, led deputies on a foot chase, and at one point jumped onto the roof of a house. Deputies were able to catch up to him and cuff him. Deputies eventually found a stolen SUV, a van and motorcycle on the property on Felicitas road.  

In the police report, Torres said he knew about the stolen motorcycle, and allowed Perea to park it at his place.

He claims he had nothing to do with the stolen van or SUV. Torres told deputies he and Perea knew each other from prison.

He’s charged with receiving and transferring a stolen vehicle. Perea is charged with resisting and evading a peace officer, and receiving and transferring a stolen vehicle.

Perea and Torres were both released and now have warrants out for their arrests after not complying with court orders.