ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – One man in Albuquerque is using his love for the holidays to help collect items for people in need, starting with a haunted house open for all. It’s a tradition that’s been going on for years.

Around nine years ago, Jared Trujillo started a new tradition at his home.

“We wanted to do a haunted house; we wanted to just have fun with it, and it kinda grew from there,” said Trujillo. Creating a Halloween set up in his yard for the community and then adding a haunted house.

“For Halloween, the yard outside only takes me a couple of hours. The garage is a lot more intricate, it will take me a couple weeks, two to three weeks,” said Trujillo.

The experience is free of charge, mostly. All Trujillo asks is that guests bring in non-perishable food items.

“Nothing expired, nothing damaged, and we donate all of that to the Storehouse,” said Trujillo.

Over the last two years, they’ve been able to collect close to 4,000 pounds of food starting in October for Halloween and then donations continue as the decor switches from spooky to merry, for Christmas.

“I would love to do another 2,000 pounds, if not more. Every year, we collaborate with some other houses in the community, so maybe we can do 4,000 pounds of food,” said Trujillo.

However, even if you come empty-handed, you won’t be turned away.

“It’s free if you just want to show up. If you would like to donate, all you have to do is bring us the food, and you can wait in line to get in,” said Trujillo.

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Finding a way to support the community he lives in.

“We’ve seen the lines down at the Storehouse where people wait to get in and knowing that they can go in and get groceries for whatever they need, it means a lot when we can help,” said Trujillo.

Saturday night kicked off the haunted house, and so far, they’ve raised about 150 pounds of food.

If you want to visit the haunted house or donate, all of that information can be found here on their Facebook page.