ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Every week, TruFit hosts an all-inclusive, adaptive, functional fitness class. The workouts are lead by TruFit cofounder John White and feature exercises you can do sitting or standing using household equipment and your body weight.

John White discusses these classes and the reason behind their shift in focus. As differently-abled individuals have often been overlooked in traditional fitness, TruFit aims to change that by creating a fitnes and health platform that is accessible to everyone no matter their ability.

Starting as an Albuquerque company whose goal was to get families in shape, White explains that TruFit started to work with people with disabilities. “We really saw a need there, we saw something that we felt the fitness industry wasn’t necessarily addressing appropriately and what we wanted to do was to kind of shift focus of our company and say you know, not only are we really focused on getting families in shape, but we really want to focus on trying to get families with disabilities, empowered, we want to get them educated, equipped so that they’re able to have all the chances that we’re able to enjoy,” said White.

TruFit features an All-Inclusive Adaptive Functional Fitness class that is held every week at 1 p.m. PST.

Workouts last around 30 minutes and include exercises that can be modified for any participant. There are special “Peer Lead” exercises and interactions that make this workout an experience you don’t want to miss.

TruFit now offers an all inclusive workout community through their online mobile program. Their app allows you to receive customized workouts allowing you to develop strengths.

For more information on the all-inclusive fitness class, visit TruFit’s website, or Facebook page. You can also check out their YouTube Channel and Instagram page for additional exercises and information on DIY equipment.