ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The trial has began for Richard Ross, the man accused of murdering an Albuquerque couple and fleeing the state in their vehicle in 2018.

Opening statements began Tuesday with the state describing how Ross was friends with victims after meeting John Embry in prison. “John was released before Mr. Ross was and he indicated to Mr. Ross that once he was released he could call Mr. Embry and Mr. Embry would provide a place for him to stay,” said Second Judicial District Attorney’s Office Trial Attorney, Jolana Macias.

Both prosecutors and the defense agree saying Ross accepted John’s offer, helping the Embry’s around the house with home repairs, but on December 7 2018, Albuquerque Police officers entered the Embry’s home located near Unser and Montano and discovered their bodies. “Based upon the sheer amount of blood that was present in the home it was obvious to them that there was some sort of crime scene and so they quickly existed the home through the window that they came in through,” Macias said.

The defense argues Ross didn’t flee, but took the car out of state with permission. They said police focused in on Ross as a suspect without pursuing other leads. “They both as adults decided it was fine to invite other people into the home for sexual activity. They knew where the Embry’s lived a, they had been in their home and I think the evidence will show that they were around in that home in early December,” said Ross’ attorney, Edward O. Bustamante.

Ross is facing multiple charges including murder and unlawful taking of a motor vehicle. The trial is expected to last nine days.