ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An intersection in the northeast heights is once again causing concern for drivers. They say a new traffic signal installed by the New Mexico Department of Transportation is leaving them more confused than before. The intersection of Paseo del Norte and Tramway has caused drivers a headache for some time.

The traffic signal is not labeled correctly so many don’t know whether to stop or go.

Neighbors say it is leading to backups at the intersection. “It’s causing some interruption of traffic flow, particularly for people coming from Paseo and turning south onto Tramway. And so, with what ends up happening, is that the drivers are now getting confused because their signal changes without signage,” said Nikki Roberts, a neighbor in the area.

This isn’t the first time News 13 has reported about this intersection. In 2020, the state installed barriers creating a designated bike lane, but at that time, drivers said it was creating a safety hazard.

The NMDOT listened to their concerns and installed the signal.

First responders have been called out to the intersection at least a dozen times in the past year. All for car crashes. They say of those, three of them have resulted in injury, and one fatal crash back in March of this year.

News 13 reach out to NMDOT to ask if they plan on putting up a sign to help drivers. They say they recently removed a yield sign from the area to cut back on confusion. Now they are telling drivers not to make a right turn on red at that intersection.