Thieves steal trinkets, sentimental items from NE Albuquerque home

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - A local woman is making a plea for the return of some precious jewelry after her home was broken into and ransacked. 

Bernadette Ortiz had just moved into her northeast Albuquerque home no more than five months ago.

She was excited to finally be settling in and started decorating the house she had worked so hard for.

That was until a week ago. 

"When I got inside I saw my chest drawer was smashed in, the TV was gone, dirt tracks along the floor...," said Ortiz.

As Ortiz made her way through her home, she started noticing more and more things missing.

The crooks stole things from both of her son's rooms.

When she made her way into her bedroom, that when the pain would set in and her heart would break.

All of her drawers were emptied. Inside of them were sentimental items and pieces of jewelry given to her by her father and grandmothers before they passed away. 

There was a pearl necklace from her grandma Suzy, AVON trinkets from her grandma Martha, and her father's necklaces he wore in the '70s. 

Aside from photographs, Ortiz says she has nothing left to remember her grandmothers, and now she only has her father's jacket. 

Ortiz is hoping that somebody will come across her items that were stolen. She's asking that if you do, contact her so she can get her beloved possessions back.


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