ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A local non-profit is distraught after thieves took advantage of the holiday weekend to break in and steal anything they could get their hands on. The Grief Center supports people who’ve suffered from the death of a loved one, but after a recent break-in, staff members say they’ve been left with almost nothing. They say almost every room was vandalized and they feel violated. 

Suzie Blake is the Director of Development for the Grief Center on Carlisle near Montgomery. She says thieves broke in during the fourth of July weekend and left almost nothing untouched. “The thing that I felt the most was just frustration over the fact that these were people that knew what they were doing, and they just chose to target a nonprofit that’s providing needed services for our community,” says Blake. 

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Some of the things stolen included food, computers, and cables. They even damaged the ceiling and HVAC system. “They took the copper wiring, I think a lot of people know that copper wiring is something that can be resold, and so they ended up taking that, which disabled our HVAC system, and again this was a system that was donated by the community,” says Blake. 

Blake says the damage to the HVAC system was so extensive that they’ve had to hire people to make repairs to the roof. She says they expect the repair costs will run into the thousands. 

The Grief Center is hoping for donations from the community. They say the police are investigating but right now they have no leads. The police also have surveillance video from the Center.