ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A usually quiet neighborhood in Bernalillo County isn’t so quiet on Friday and Saturday nights. “Some nights you can hear the music plain as day and the announcer that’s happening there, like, it sounds like a DJ,” said Jennifer Kruse, who lives nearby. Those who live in Corrales’s Sky View Acres neighborhood say it’s all because of an Albuquerque bar, the Saltyard-West on Ellison Road.

“The noise is just unbearable. We can’t sit outside our homes at all when they have events going on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s to the point where I just spend as much time as possible away from my home,” said Kruse.

She lives less than half a mile from the Saltyard-West. Residents say their homes shake from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. almost every weekend night from the venue’s music. Some even say the bass makes them feel physically ill.

“You can feel it in your body, and you can feel it in your internal organs and your head, it makes you nauseous, it gives you a headache,” Kruse said.

Neighbors say for years they have been battling with the city to enforce the noise ordinance after 10 p.m. and fighting with the bar over the noise, but they say nothing has changed.

“They came in 2019 and we sent them a letter asking them to turn down the music and we never heard anything from them,” Linda Davis, the President of the Sky View Acres Neighborhood Association said.

The city of Albuquerque says they have conducted noise readings of the bar within city limits and the Saltyard-West has been in compliance with the noise ordinance.

“The city and the county have both taken measurements but they say they’re under the decibel levels that they can enforce on, both in our neighborhood and 7 Bar Loop,” Davis said.

But neighbors aren’t convinced and have taken things into their own hands. Residents of 7 Bar Loop and Sky View Acres have come together to buy their own meters to take decibel readings every weekend. They have even started a petition hoping for change and respect.

“I understand that they have the right to entertain people, but it gets louder as it gets later so it seems at 10 o’clock when normally you would want businesses to start being a lower volume and quieter it actually gets louder,” Kruse said.

KRQE News 13 reached out to the Saltyard-West for comment. Mo Chavez, The Saltyard’s Attorney, released this statement:

“Salt Yard continues to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations with the City of Albuquerque. Salt Yard has not received any citations or fines regarding noise issues. On the occasion Salt Yard does have outdoor music, someone circles a 2-mile radius constantly monitoring decibel levels to ensure compliance with City regulations. A number of the noise complaints have come on dates Salt Yard was closed or did not have any outdoor speakers in use. Salt Yard strives to be good neighbors to the community.”

Mo Chavez, Saltyard Attorney

This isn’t the first time residents have spoken on the issue. Last year, KRQE spoke with Corrales residents about the noise from the Saltyard-West.