ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Taking the listener on a mental vacation with each episode. Both born on April 1st the April Fools Podcast was created to make you laugh while supporting locals simultaneously. They have an upcoming charity golf tournament that’s getting golfers out onto the grass for a worthy cause.

They begin their podcast in early 2021 and they have almost reached 100 episodes posted. They post weekly on Thursdays. They like working with local content creators (music, fashion, events, food,) helping them get the coverage they deserve, and empowering other people on their platform.

They will be hosting a charity golf tournament fundraising for The Heart Gallery of New Mexico Foundation on April 22. There will be different types of sponsors, visit their Facebook page for more information. The teams are of four players that will include two drinks tickets, breakfast burritos, and lunch for each player’s swag bag.