ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – These days cameras are everywhere. In fact, the camera on an Albuquerque man’s Tesla caught a culprit in the act, keying the pricey vehicle. Daniel said he works at the Walmart right across from Cibola High School. He was frustrated to find his dream car, a Tesla keyed after a long day of work last week. 

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“I was pretty pissed, you know, you work so hard for something and just to have a couple of kids take it away or damage it for no apparent reason,” said Daniel. 

Video from Daniel’s Tesla from last Tuesday around 11 a.m. shows three teens walking in the Walmart parking lot when one takes a key and scratches the car from the back door all the way to the back tire. Daniel said he noticed the scratches when he got home and was plugging in his car.

Daniel then reviewed the footage from the cameras installed throughout his Tesla and saw what had happened. The next day, Daniel’s brother posted the video and pictures of the teens on Facebook, which helped them identify the teens as Cibola High students.  

“There’s a couple teachers that saw the post, they reached out to me and they got a hold of the school police and then they reached out to me also and that’s how we pinpointed them down,” said Daniel. 

Daniel reported the incident to the Albuquerque Police Department and the school’s resource officer. No word if the teen will be charged with a crime, but the officer told Daniel his parents are willing to pay for the damage. Daniel estimates damages will cost about $1,500.