ALBUQUERQUE. N.M. (KRQE) – A 19-year-old is behind bars, charged with killing a Sandia High School student. The family of the murdered teen spoke to KRQE News 13 on Tuesday about the arrest.

“I miss Seany terribly,” says Tricia Ruger.

“It’s destroyed a huge family,” says Tara Ross.

Izaiah Garcia’s arrest is something Tricia Ruger has been waiting for since her son’s murder last month.

“Relief because it’s been horrible just thinking that this person’s been out there living their life while Seany’s gone,” she says.

Sean Markey was killed at a Sandia High School homecoming party. Police arrested Garcia on Monday night and charged him with murder.

Tara Ross, Markey’s aunt, wants the 19-year-old punished.

“This person should never be let go. I really hope that they don’t release him on bond,” says Ross.

Details on Garcia’s arrest and what happened the night of the part are still not clear. The criminal complaint is redacted, and after multiple calls to Albuquerque Police and the District Attorney’s Office, they say those details will come out when Garcia appears in court.

However, Garcia’s arrest might be connected to another recent murder. He was arrested at a house that just so happens, is right across the street from the park where Cayla Campos was murdered about two weeks ago.

“In some way, you got to think somehow it’s all related,” says a neighbor who lives nearby.

Campos was murdered at Bianchetti Park, near Tramway and Lomas, after her boyfriend said they were playing Pokemon Go and witnessed a robbery in progress. She was shot while trying to flee the scene and crashed into a home.

The people who live near the park and the house where Garcia was arrested say there’s no surprise here.

“Many neighbors have felt for a long time that there’s maybe some drugs, some things going on there,” says a neighbor.

Markey’s family says Garcia’s arrest is the start of a long healing process.

“I would tell him how he destroyed me, my son, and my whole family,” says Ruger.

There is still no date set for Garcia’s first appearance.