ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (FOX) – Who doesn’t love watching high tech robots clash in a ring? That’s what you get with BattleBots, an American robot combat television series that’s been broadcast in 150 countries since 2000.

Competitors design and operate remote-controlled robots to fight in an arena combat elimination tournament. Sabri Sansoy of Team GhostRaptor visits the set to discuss the competition and how the team was able to qualify and compete in the next BattleBots series.

Sabri grew up in Las Vegas, New Mexico and is the first New Mexican on the show. He has about 10 years of experience building robots and shows off a robot on set that he helped design.

Sabri hired BattleBot veteran Chuck Pitzer who is a lead engineer at Fetch Robotics in Silicon Valley several years ago to build a bumblebee based energy wind turbine and the pair have been friends ever since. Chuck later tapped Sabri and other robotics experts, Vincent Chung, Darryl Dawson, and Eric Dieher to be on his BattleBots team this season.

The robots seen on the show are very expensive to make, costing around $60,000. Spare parts are also required to repair the robots.

Sabri’s team, GhostRaptor is currently looking for sponsors. There are two levels of sponsorship available which includes branding, trade show or event appearances, social media outreach, marketing and more.

BattleBots is now in its fifth season on Discovery Channel and has aired on Comedy Central, the Science Channel, and ABC. To learn more about becoming a sponsor for Team GhostRaptor, visit the team’s official Facebook page, or contact the team’s captain, Chuck Pitzer at