ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –Thousands of families are desperate to get back home after major delays and cancellations at airports across the nation. People going through the Albuquerque Sunport are facing the same problems.

Travelers say it’s been a frustrating experience. “We’re suffering seasonal stress to begin with and this just adds on top of it,” says traveler Sean Guin.

A severe winter storm has affected flights across the country with Southwest Airlines canceling more than 2,500 or 63% of its scheduled flights Tuesday. CBS News reports that’s half of the roughly 4,650 flights that have been scrapped.  

At the Sunport, a spokesperson says there have been 149 cancellations affecting Albuquerque travelers in the past five days. They say on Monday, there were 36 cancellations and expect another 38 canceled flights today. Of course, most people facing problems here have been Southwest passengers. 

Bob Gutentag has been trying to get back to Austin, Texas from California since last Friday. He says he was originally flying with Southwest, but due to the constant issues, he rebooked with American Airlines. That flight sent him to Albuquerque and he should fly home Tuesday night.

“It’s just been just very tiring and very long and I’m ready to go home,” says Gutentag. 

The Sunport says luckily, they have not seen passengers stranded for a long time in the terminal as of yet. They advise travelers that are coming to the airport to arrive at least two hours early. They also suggest checking with your airline before coming to the Sunport. 

News 13 reached out to Southwest. In a statement, the company says it will operate on a reduced schedule by flying roughly one-third of its schedule for the next several days. 

There is also a link to rebook or request a refund.