ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – University of New Mexico students are concerned for their safety at their campus apartments after a party got out of hand Saturday night that left bullets flying. They want to know why there’s not better safety.

“We hit the floor in our apartment we saw other people hitting the ground outside and people just started running just kind of screaming too. It was pretty scary,” said an anonymous resident.

On late Saturday night, residents say a party at Lobo Village got rowdy. They say walls were shaking from the vibrations of the music and believe non-students were crashing the party. They say security was called at 10:30, but never came. When they called campus police, they were told it would take some time for officers to show up.

“They said that they would send an officer over and then 20 minutes had gone by. Still no UNMPD. And that’s when the gunshots went off. There were at least 10 to 12 shots that went {off}.”

Students found bullet holes in their cars and on the walls of the apartment complex. Residents are questioning the security and wondering what the company that runs the apartments for UNM is doing to keep unwanted visitors out.

“You know there’s lack of security. Security cameras. There’s a lot of blind spots. There’s incidents like this happening all the time and students are scared to come forward about it… It’s not our fault. We’re there to live and go to school. Not get our cars shot and our building shot. And be in fear of walking outside and walking to our cars and just not feeling safe,” said the anonymous resident.

“On Saturday night, gun shots were fired on site at Lobo Village. No injuries have been reported and we have been cooperating with the UNM police during their investigation. Guns are strictly prohibited on campus and we are asking our residents to contact the police with any information that can assist with their investigation.”

American Campus Communities

The campus community also mentioned all residents of Lobo Village are required to accompany their guests when they are on the property. They said they do not allow group gatherings of more than 10 guests hosted by residents and failure to comply with these rules could be considered a lease violation.

“We have a security company in place which provides unarmed security services from 6pm-9am Monday – Sunday and respond within minutes of being notified of an incident.  Unfortunately, we do not have any control over UNMPD response times.  We are working directly with students whose vehicles were damaged and encouraging them to contact their insurance company to file a damage claim.”

-American Campus Communities