ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque girl thinks the world could use a little more kindness, so she took things into her own hands. “I love kindness so much,” said Ava Myers. At just seven years old Ava wants to make a difference in her community. Especially after watching how the pandemic has impacted everyone around her.

“I just wanted kindness to spread,” said Ava. So she got to work writing and illustrating a book, “Ways to Show Kindness” all on her own.

“It took two days,” said Ava. “I drew a boy sharing his airplane to a girl, showing a guy giving someone with pretty earrings a compliment.”

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Once she finished, she took the book to the Rodolfo North Valley Library. “I made the book because I wanted to make the librarians smile,” said Ava.

Little did she know, they’d not only keep the book but showcase it for everyone to see. Each page has been placed in a sheet protector, barcoded and stamped like a real library book.

While this is Ava’s first time having a book at a public library, she’s been writing and illustrating for a long time and hopefully, this book is just the start of a long career Ava has ahead of her.

“My dream is to have my own art gallery and sell my art and make money for my family. That art gallery just picturing it in my mind makes me so happy,” said Ava.

Ava’s book is not available to be checked out but anyone can take a look at her tips for kindness as they browse the shelves.