ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The state wants to send two women to prison for decades, for stealing from clients of their financial services firm.

Susan Harris, Sharon Moore, and others who ran the Albuquerque nonprofit Ayudando Guardians, pleaded guilty to pocketing money they were supposed to be managing for their clients.

Prosecutors are urging a federal judge to sentence Harris and Moore to as much as 26 years in prison. They argue the crimes were especially egregious since many of the firm’s clients were disabled or financially vulnerable.

Harris’ attorneys argue the recommendation is too harsh. They say despite the embezzlement, Ayudando Guardians provided a “humanitarian service” to its clients, and Harris feels “extreme remorse.”

They’re asking for a 10-year sentence, so 73-year-old Harris can get out of prison in her 80s.