ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The attorney for Fabian Gonzales, accused in the death and dismemberment of Victoria Martens, is in trouble. The attorney is accused of sending a private investigator into the jail under false pretenses to interview Victoria’s mother Michelle.

Thursday the state asked a judge to sanction the attorney, Stephen Aarons, find him in contempt of court and fine him $10,000. They say on January 25, he sent in the private investigator to show Michelle Martens a picture of some keys that are evidence in the case. She is scheduled to testify against Gonzales about the murder of Victoria Martens.

The court has said numerous times it prohibited them from having a private meeting with Michelle. Judge Cindy Leos has ordered that the private investigator to be deposed. The court says video shows the meeting between the investigator and Martens lasted 25 minutes and was without the permission of Michelle’s attorney. Leos says she will hand down sanctions after the deposition.