ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A local art group is trying to raise money for pandemic relief, but how they’re doing it is amusing some and outraging others. You might remember a Jeffrey Epstein statue that was placed outside of Albuquerque’s City Hall months ago. It stirred up a lot of controversy. The local art group, Antlion Entertainment Art Collective, told KRQE News 13 it was a satirical political statement. And now, they’re back at it again.

“There was actually a typo, a clerical error and I just kind of rolled with it because everyone needs the money, money is tight right now,” said the artist behind the fundraiser. He wants to be identified as Satan.

The artist said their event ‘Sit on Satan’s Lap’ will take place at the University of New Mexico’s Johnson Field on December 19 to raise money for the aid organization, Direct Relief, which provides global humanitarian medical help. “They’re hosting an event where I will be behind a barrier with only my knee exposed and so children can sit on my lap and get what they want for Christmas because Santa is hiding out like a coward and I’m willing to step up to the plate,” said the artist, Satan.

On the event’s description posted on social media, it says: “How many people have been saved by prayer? Zero. How many have been saved by wearing a mask? 130,000”. It also says: “Don’t send thoughts and pray. Donate $6.66 today.” The photoshopped picture of Satan with children has gotten hundreds of comments.

“I thought it was funny,” said local Thomas. “It was an interesting photo,” said local Christian. “Honestly, it was also a pretty funny photo.”

“I like it, its definitely a way of going about it,” said local Chris.

Some people KRQE News 13 spoke with said they didn’t mind it since it was for a good cause, but others are calling it “disturbing” and saying it’s not funny. One woman said, “they need to get themselves to church.” But the artist said people should find humor in this. “If I can roll with it, certainly they can roll with it and it’s going to a good cause,” said the artist.

UNM said they have not authorized this event to occur on Johnson Field. The university adds that mass gatherings are not currently allowable because of the public health order.

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