ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There’s nothing like it in the city and people are saying it’s exactly what Albuquerque needed.

Tuesday, the Sawmill Market opened its doors to the public. An indoor and outdoor area full of only local businesses.

“It’s a beautiful space,” said Shannon Francois visiting the market.

Ask anyone who visited the Sawmill Market today during its grand opening, and they’ll tell you, it’s the place to be.

“It’s neat that you can kind of just go from place to place and kind of sample a little bit here and there,” said Holly Kowalsky visiting the market.

There’s a little something for everyone.

“This is Dr. Feel Good’s. Best sandwhich in town,” said President of Heritage Hotels and Resorts Adrian Perez.

Along with a brewery at the center of the market, you can grab breakfast, lunch, dinner or shopping at 26 different spots. From a coffee bar to a waffle shop and even ramen.

“Two of our smaller vendors here, our Venezuelan bistro bites, which looks very popular today, Tulapni, fresh pasta,” Perez said.

Only open in the evenings, a wine bar, a taco stand and a full restaurant, called Flora.

“We have a bar here and then we have seating upstairs as well,” Perez said.

There’s also a floral shop and Spurline for some retail therapy. If you don’t want to sit at one of the many indoor seating areas, you can step outside.

“As you can see, the kids playing games here. Out here we have some corn hole set up. Just a nice area for people to relax,” he said.

The president of Heritage Hotels and Resorts, the company behind the Sawmill Market, gave us a tour and people were stopping to give thanks, for the new space.

“It feels like something Albuquerque has needed for a while and I feel so lucky and proud that we have this now,” said Kowalsky.

Perez says it’s not just about bringing a new hangout to the downtown area, they hope the market also brings jobs and spurs on economic growth.

“To revitalize these areas in New Mexico is really important to us. You know, it’s a dream come true,” said Perez.

The staff here says they will have live entertainment outside a few nights a week. Four more restaurants are close to opening. Only one of the twenty-seven spaces is still vacant.