ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Keeping our children safe while on the roadways. Safer New Mexico Now is a nonprofit company that provides traffic safety services for the entire state. One of their programs centers around child passenger safety which is actually more of a concern than you would think.

One issue they are seeing is a lot of children graduating to booster seats too early. The group suggests children stay in a harness seat for as long as possible – until they reach the proper age, height, and weight. Another major issue they see is a harness put on incorrectly. It’s important for parents to follow directions and look over the manual when putting it in the car and how long the children can use that specific one.

Safer New Mexico Now was implemented to create traffic safety programs. They have over 300 technicians that are ready and trained to make the road safer. They go through four days of training which allows them to assist with any help people need on the road. They are ready to educate parents about local laws and more.