ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s been in the works for over a year – a plan to make the intersection of Ventura Street and Holly Avenue NE easier to navigate. Some drivers say the intersection has been causing them headaches.

Now, the city hopes a partnership with Titan Development will alleviate some of the problems at the intersection by adding a roundabout. “I think this roundabout is going to be incredibly beneficial to create flow that is minor and impressive in that manner,” said Albuquerque City Councilor Brook Bassan.

With the proposed changes, some drivers say they’re not on board. “If they’re trying to put a roundabout in there to make a situation that’s already screwed up, there’s too much traffic for a roundabout. Roundabouts are for rural areas where they don’t want to pay for four stop signs,” said one Albuquerque driver.

Drivers say this intersection has been plaguing them for years, and the city’s attempt to fix the problem more than two years ago, only made things worse. In March 2020, the city attempted to alleviate traffic in the area by adding signs, striping, and delineators to prevent cars from crossing over from Holly onto Ventura.

A look at the intersection today shows the city’s plan hasn’t made it through the test of time with several drivers ignoring the warnings altogether. “It’s mostly a nuisance. I think all the drivers in this area just think stuff like that is a nuisance. So, no one ever stops, they go straight across and don’t think anything of it,” said Albuquerque driver, Susan Grace.

Now the developer building the 111-unit, $25 million apartment complex on the corner of the intersection, Titan Development, is set to begin construction next week. Project Councilor Bassan says she’s glad to see development after introducing a proposal to the city last spring due to the growth in the area. “People don’t have to worry about making an illegal left-hand turn or cutting across the street going forward,” added Bassan.

Councilor Bassan says the project will be funded by the city expecting to cost approximately $750,000. A spokesperson from Titan Development says construction could take five to seven months to complete.