ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A mother was crossing the street with her two kids when she was nearly struck by a driver in a stolen car. APD says moments before; the driver was involved in a road rage shooting. The mom says she had gone to the flea market at the Expo New Mexico with her two kids. One kid was walking beside her the other was in a stroller.  

She was half-way across the street when she suddenly heard a loud screech and saw a car coming right towards them. “As soon as I heard that “scrrrr” like a really hard screech, I turned just barely, and I don’t know what in me told me “pull.” So I pulled the stroller towards me,” says Lorein Boone.  

Lorein Boone says the car ended up swerving onto the sidewalk in order to avoid hitting her and her two kids. They were crossing Louisiana and Central to catch the bus after spending her Saturday morning at the flea market.

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Boone says she called the police. That’s when the driver and a passenger grabbed some things out of the car and ran on foot. Police say the driver, Richard Hill later showed up at the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.  

Police say this all started as a road rage incident. Police pulled over a driver, who said he started shooting at a car because he thought the driver pointed a gun at him first.  

Police say Hill was in a stolen car and fled, and that’s when he almost hit Boone. Lorein says the incident was traumatizing, especially for her six-year-old son. “But to come home and for us to go through this and for him to tell me, mom, I’m going to listen to dad, I’m just gonna stay home because I don’t wanna die is really sad,” says Boone. 

APD says hill has multiple felony warrants for car theft. He is being treated at the hospital and will be booked into MDC when he’s released. APD did not say if the other driver who shot hill will face charges. Police are still investigating.