ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Residents fear the newly approved developments to a section of Tower Pond Park could do more harm than good. The plan would use shipping containers to build a concession stand, bathrooms, and meeting rooms. 

Residents around the park at Tower and 86th feel everyone was not properly notified of this development. 

City officials are currently meeting with concerned residents at Tower Pond Park. Residents expressed concerns that the new developments could bring more crime to the area. 

“My main concern is that there will be public bathrooms. There will be drug use. There will be more crime than we already have,” said concerned resident Loretta Luna Romero. 

The city notified people who live within 100 feet of the proposed construction, which is about a dozen homes. 

They did not notify everyone who lives outside the 100 feet around the park. We asked the city why only people within a hundred feet. 

The city’s Planning and Zoning Department said that is the city rule for the zoning around the Tower Pond Park.  

Parks and Recreation Department said the new developments are in collaboration with “West Gate Little League” which is housed at the Southeast Albuquerque Park. 

“We are not wanting this to be an eyesore of any kind. We want this to be a properly designed and built facility that the neighborhood is going to be proud of,” explained Parks and Recreation Deputy Director David Flores. 

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The League would be responsible for cleaning and servicing the complex which would be fully enclosed, gated, and locked. 

The project is expected to cost $3 million, and construction wouldn’t begin for another two years. 

Parks and Recreation Department explained that they will be speaking with residents before any design and construction begins to make sure everyone around Tower Pond Park gets input.