ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – People living in an Albuquerque neighborhood say one family is ruining it for everyone. Members of that family have caused two SWAT situations within a month, and neighbors say that’s just the tip of the iceberg of a years-long battle.

Daniel Franco was allegedly involved in a police shooting last month, followed by a SWAT standoff at his home. Although he is behind bars, it appears his family is still causing problems.

A shooting and the two SWAT situations they’ve been caught in the middle of are just the beginning of what neighbors who live near Sixth Street and Mountain are going through. Within the last three months, APD has been called to two homes on Los Tomases Road a total of 22 times, where they say the Franco family lives.

They only have one question when they see cruisers coming. “We just needed to figure out which one of the Francos it was going to be,” a neighbor said.

Daniel Franco was on the run for five days following an officer-involved shooting near Washington and Lomas last month. He was also wanted at the time for allegedly shooting his neighbor after a yelling match. Police eventually found him on Los Tomases and arrested him after a SWAT situation.

Then on Sunday, another SWAT situation outside the time. This time, police were after Anna Franco, who allegedly smashed a lantern into her boyfriend’s face. He called police saying he feared for his life, and when they arrived Franco wouldn’t come out.

Neighbors say the Francos are ruining redevelopment efforts in the area, and some are even choosing to leave.

Police are still searching for Daniel Franco’s niece Cynthia Franco. They say she pointed a gun at an officer, prompting him to fire at her and Daniel. Court records show she also lives on Los Tomases Road.

Neighbors say they’ve tried working with the city and APD on this problem, but to no avail. KRQE News 13 contacted the city, APD on Tuesday but have not heard back.