ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Red Tax is an organization that works to fuel the movement for menstrual and reproductive justice through youth-led advocacy. They are hoping they can make HB 134 a bill that would mandate free access to menstrual products in New Mexico public school bathrooms.

Red Tax is endorsed by nearly 20 organizations, including Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains, the NM League of Women Voters, and the NM Pediatrics Association. Last year, the three co-founders of Red Tax stocked all of the school bathrooms with free period products. They want to address an issue that is created by the intersection of race and poverty in gender by looking at those intersections. They also believe that feminine products be placed in both women’s and men’s bathrooms.

From there, they contacted legislators to create a bill that would expand what they do at school to the school level. The bill now has 14 sponsors in total from all over the state.