ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – For the last month, there’s been a lot of confusion for people who drive along Comanche in the Northeast Heights. The city recently completed a road project in the area, but the finished work only made things worse.

“So we put new striping in and new roadway on Comanche between Wyoming and San Mateo,” Johnny Chandler, CABQ Municipal Development spokesperson, said.

Chandler said shortly after the re-striping phase of the project, city engineers noticed something was off. The re-striping has left drivers weaving in and out of the lanes because they don’t match-up. Drivers approaching the intersections within the stretch are forced to swerve to the right, then back to the left just to stay within one lane.

“The white line that separates from the median to the left-hand turn lane doesn’t match up with the median across the street,” Chandler said. ” It used to before we repaved Comanche, so that was one of the immediate red flags.”

As drivers make their way up Comanche right before San Pedro, the bicycle lane also ends abruptly, forcing drivers to swerve about 5 feet to the right as they approach the intersection.

“So that is on purpose,” Chandler said. “The roadways at those intersections are not big enough to accommodate a bike lane all the way through, so once that bicycle lane ends that lane turns into a shared roadway.”

As for the mismatched lanes, Chandler said, “You should start seeing strips being removed as early as [Thursday].” The city said it’s still looking into whether something went wrong during the planning or the re-striping phase of the project.